Hang Wallpaper like a Pro!

Do it yourself. Personally I don’t think wallpaper installation is a do-it-yourself project if you want the ultimate look and finish on your seams and cuts top and bottom. But if you feel like you want to attempt it, start with a single flat area, such as an accent wall, take your time, there no rush!.

Prep properly. If the wall is covered with glossy paint, sand and dust the area before you start, then use a good primer such as Zinsser Shieldz, this insures a perfect ‘Keying Agent’ to hang the wallpaper to.

Use a super glue. My adhesive of choice: is  ready mixed ‘Tub Paste’, This is the most versatile adhesive, and it works with a wide range of papers and natural fibres, such as silk. It has no toxins, solvents or strong odor.

Use a new blade with every cut. Use a Snap Blade knife. The blade snaps off bit by bit, so a super-sharp edge is always at hand. For ultimate cuts on your wallpaper use ‘Tungsten Carbide’ snappy blades, you can get these from a good decorating shop or order online, trust me they are worth it.

Measure properly. Before cutting or hanging any wallpaper get your measurements right, depending on what size your paper will determining where your first drop must be hanged, try and make this first drop near a corner behind a door, I will explain in the next paragraph why, take some time with this as this is very crucial to the outcome of the whole job. Pro Tip (Write your measurements on the wall or lining paper where you can see them).

Losing your pattern. If you have followed my instructions properly you should be able to work your way around your room hanging and trimming all your wallpaper with any problems, as mentioned in the last paragraph the first drop should be behind the door, this allows for the last drop to beck into that first drop behind the door in that corner, this is the best place to lose your pattern, you have to lose your pattern somewhere so this is the best place as it is less noticeable behind the door.

Good luck with your project and have fun, if you dont feel confitdent to do the wallpaper hanging in your house the give us a call or contact us at www.davidcooperpainters@gmail.com for a FREE, no obligation quote!